Monday, November 19, 2007

To my "ohana"...

To my "ohana"...great job at states! Each of you is so talented and I am so proud of my team! I can't wait for next season..we'll be back and better than ever! I love you all and thanks for making me love being a coach again! xoxo Coach McGraw


  1. Congratulations! You guys are awesome! It is fantastic that you guys did so well because you come from a much smaller school than the other teams. You make BP proud and you make Taunton proud! Thank you! Kaylee's Aunt Moe

    Congratulations to your coach too!

  2. WOW, what a fall 2007 season for the BP Cheerleaders!!

    Lets see.....

    Braintree - 1st place Co-Ed
    Mayflower - 1st place Co-Ed, 1st place Mayflower League Champ, 1st place Over All
    Regionals - 2nd place Co-Ed
    States - 4th Place Co-Ed


    Your #1 Fan, Kaylee's mom-everyone's mom!

  3. i love my gurls u kno who u are the best year ever next year goin to be even betteer then this year more sleep over deff andy has to go to then LIFE of the PARTY!!!! lol

    love the best: brittany tower (cheeks)

    Florida gurls, coke glasses, JORDAN,